Bitback 1.47

Recover deleted Pictures, Videos or Documents in three simple steps.

Recover deleted Pictures, Videos or Documents in three simple steps.

If you've accidentally deleted your pictures, video clips, documents or any other file on your computer, Bit Back will get them BACK for you. Bit Back will find the files you've deleted, undelete them and put them where ever you want them. It only takes a couple of clicks and THREE easy steps!

It takes only couple of clicks and THREE EASY STEPS!

Choose the source drive. So - some files got deleted - Select the Hard Disk Drive or a Removable Storage Device where the files were located before they got deleted. If they were on the Desktop - just choose the Desktop icon. Simply select and click "Next".

Choose the destination. Once Bit Back gets the files back - where should it put them? If you have a special place in mind, put it there.

How does it work? When a file is deleted, it is not completely deleted from the Hard drive. Windows only marks the place where the file used to be as "free to write" and uses the space later, when it needs it. Until you write something into that place it is possible for Bit Back to get the files back for you.

- Bit Back Can get your files back within three easy steps

- Run from a removable device - no installation needed

- Work with unlimited file sizes

- Work with absolutely all file types

- Handles all the technical stuff - You don't have to be a computer expert to get your files back

- Run absolutely safely. Safety was one of the main concerns while making this software. Windows mangles filenames when it deletes them, Bit Back will get the original Filenames

- Automatically recognizes USB drives

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Bitback 1.47

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